8-Foot Big Wheel Barn Door Hardware Kit

Barn door hardware adds a layer of efficiency and bold, modern design to any space, while a comprehensive video tutorial makes installation simple and hassle-free.

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Q: How wide can my door be for this kit?

A: Generally, a sliding door for this kit should be an inch or two wider (on either side) than the doorway it covers. For the 8' kit, the max doorway width would be 46" wide, and that would need a 50" wide door. The door width plus the doorway width cannot exceed 96" because this is the total length of the rail.

Q: What if my studs don't line up with the pre-drilled holes in the rail?
A: Simply attach a 1" thick header board into your studs first, and then the rail can attach anywhere into the header board. Many customers prefer this look anyway. Customers have painted the header to match the wall color to blend in, or to match the door.

Q: What if I have metal studs?
A: You will need to first install a header board using toggle bolts into your metal studs. Then, you can install your rail into this header board. We've had several happy customers report success with this approach.

Q: Can I cut this rail down to the exact size I need?
A: Absolutely! There's no need to pay for a custom kit from other shops when you can cut the rail yourself, saving $100+

Q: How much space do I need above the doorway?
A: You will need a minimum of 8" from the top of your door to the ceiling (or crown moulding, if any) for this kit to fit correctly.

Q: How thick of a door will this kit work with?
A: There are solutions for any thickness of door! The bolts included for attaching the hangers to the door support a thickness range of 1 1/4" to 1 3/4", but this can be easily navigated by countersinking the bolt head into the back side of the door, or by picking up 4 longer bolts from your local hardware store. The other thing affected by a thicker door is the spacing needed between the door and wall (or baseboard/doorway trim). Plug in your door depth and trim depth below: 

2 3/16" - door depth - trim depth - 3/16" (recommended gap from door to trim/wall)

If your answer is 0 or greater, then you're fine. If your answer was negative, then that number is the extra spacing you need. This extra spacing is accomplished by bolting a header board to the studs, and then the rail to this header board. 

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